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Following are sample laptop repair request sent by customer to our technician.

Dell, Latitude, unknown *.816

Brand Dell
Model Latitude
Serial unknown *.816
PCIMA slot broken, cards won't work, missing screws, needs screen tighten.

sony, PCG-TR2A,

Another Customer Repair Request
Brand sony
Model PCG-TR2A
My SONY VAIO TR2A Notebook Computer's original 40GB HDD has failed, and I purchased a replacement 60GB HBB from Toshiba. I'd like to know what your charge would be for you to take out the old 40GB HDD and replace it with my new 60GB HDD. I also whant to know what you'd charge for putting my old 49GB HDD into a 1.8" HDD USB (External HDD) case I purchased. (I'd like you to put my old failed 40GB TR2A HDD into this case.) (Again, I already own the new 60GB replacment HDD, and I own the external USB 1.8" HDD case.) Thanks for all concerns! JJK

dell, Inspiron 2200,

Another Customer Repair Request
Brand dell
Model Inspiron 2200
Service Tag: 402BM71 The laptop shut down and will not restart. When power button is pushed, the data light goes on and the "caps" light blinks for about 10 seconds and then all power lights go off again. Attempted with and without battery same results. Attempted holding the power button down until lights go off and then waited and tried results.